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Struggling With Getting Ranked on Google?

This has been, and continues to be, about as challenging a task as searching for life on Mars. Unless you are a SEO genious or spend hours trying to get the best long-tail keywords for your site or niche, you will have a slim chance of getting on page 1 of Google within a few days, if not hours. There are only 10 positions on page one and studies show that a large number of visitors will rarely search beyond page 1 to find something. That number grows even more after page 2. Now imagine if your site was ranked for a competitive keyword that competes with more authority sites for that specific keyword. I use a software that analyzes Google and YouTube’s algorithms with competitor sites and positions short videos ranked high in Google for specific keywords. The example below shows a video thumbnail to an event that is scheduled at a future date for a specific keyword. In the description you will see the affiliate link for this product. This was ranked within 30 minutes of uploading.

If you are interested in getting started, I will need your written permission to download any video from YouTube of your choice that is marked as Creative Commons. Otherwise I can create a slideshow video with any content you would like to provide. This service will include 5 long-tail keywords relevant to your business or niche for $399 a month but the first month is discounted 30% ($280). Get more info here