Struggling With Getting Ranked on Google?

This has been, and continues to be, about as challenging a task as searching for life on Mars. Unless you are a SEO genious or spend hours trying to get the best long-tail keywords for your site or niche, you will have a slim chance of getting on page 1 of Google within a few days, if not hours. There are only 10 positions on page one and studies show that a large number of visitors will rarely search beyond page 1 to find something. That number grows even more after page 2. Now imagine if your site was ranked for a competitive keyword that competes with more authority sites for that specific keyword. I use a software that analyzes Google and YouTube’s algorithms with competitor sites and positions short videos ranked high in Google for specific keywords. The example shows a video thumbnail to an event that is scheduled at a future date for a specific keyword. In the description you will see the affiliate link for this product. This was ranked within 30 minutes of uploading. However, this is only for ranking purposes. It is recommended to show live videos streaming for continued longevity of a video as well as a factor of gaining trust and viewership as an authority.



If you are interested in learning more, please review the checklists below. Get started here


What I Need:

  • Your Video Title
  • Video File in .mp4 format
  • Permission to use a Creative Commons video on YouTube if necessary
  • Anything specific to the video, such as text or voiceover audio files. * I can add voiceover and text if needed
  • Service is $399 a month but the first month is discounted 30% ($280).
  • Your complete understanding that there is no guarantee in sales or views to your site.

What You’ll Get:

  • Your video title in multi-languages
  • 7 long-tail keywords relevant to your video’s purpose
  • Custom designed video thumbnails with Google ‘Call To Action’ relevant to your video campaign
  • Stock intro/outtro for each video (optional)
  • If no video is provided, I will create 1 slide show style video with either an audio file as background and my own voiceover narrative of any text either pre-written or created per campaign specifics.
  • Video tags, category suggestion and complete descriptions with up to 4 variations of each description.
  • Weekly stats from the selected YouTube channel analytics